Technical Profile

Martin F. Krafft

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This technical profile corresponds to my curriculum vitae.

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Operating systems Advanced Proficient Basic Notes
Debian x     Active developer
author of the book The Debian System
GNU/Linux x     LPIC-1
FAI x      
NetBSD   x    
Solaris     x  
Mac OS X     x  
MS Windows NT 4.0 x     MCSE (SQL7, TCP/IP)
MS Windows 2000   x    
MS Windows XP   x    
MS Windows Vista       will not touch
MS Windows 7/8       will not touch
Mac OS 9.x   x    
Administration Advanced Proficient Basic Notes
Ansible   x    
Apache2   x    
BackupPC x      
BIND   x   will not touch anymore
Cisco IOS     x  
djbdns   x   will not touch anymore
Firewall-1 x     CCSA/CCSE
Icinga   x    
iproute2 x      
Linux QoS   x    
Mailman x      
munin   x    
Nagios     x  
nessus   x    
netfilter x      
nsd3 x      
OpenLDAP   x    
Plone   x    
postfix x      
PostgreSQL x      
Puppet   x   will not touch anymore
snort     x  
squid   x    
tcpdump x      
unbound x      
Zope   x    
Programming & design Advanced Proficient Basic Notes
C++ x      
Boost   x    
Python x      
C x      
sh x      
awk     x  
Ruby     x  
SQL x      
XML   x    
XHTML x      
CSS x      
VHDL     x  
Perl     x  
doxygen   x    
gdb   x    
bzr     x  
git x      
SVN   x   will touch under protest
CVS       will touch only under protest
Design patterns   x    
Policy-driven design x      
Test-driven development   x    
Agile development   x    
Protocols & concepts Advanced Proficient Basic Notes
Diffie-Hellman   x    
RSA   x    
AES x      
Serpent     x  
ElGamal     x  
DSA x      
Blowfish     x  
IKE   x    
TCP/IP x      
IPv6 x      
IPsec/VPN x      
PPP   x    
PPPoE   x    
802.X   x    
WPA   x    
ATM     x  
FDDI     x  
Serial interfaces x      
Protocol design   x    
Multithreading   x    
Event-driven design x      
Applications Advanced Proficient Basic Notes
vim x      
LaTeX x x      
Gimp   x    
Inkscape x      
dia x      
Maple     x  
MatLab   x    
Opnet     x  

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